Your healthy living... Redefined! 

Our founder believes that it was time redefine healthy living... That's why she created Salud Daily, to create experiences that inspire, educate and empower you to take part in role-modeling our lifestyle. 

When you choose to take part in healthy living

... There's  a whole lot of health waiting for you. Estela is pouring her passion and dedicating her career be your personalized mentor for your health and well-being and for you to enjoy the benefits of healthy living. 


Consistent with research, here is what our clients have already experienced:

★  Improved overall physical health outcomes

      (glucose, BP, cholesterol).

★  Improved cognition & executive function skills.

★  Sharpen problem solving and decision making skills. 

★  Improved performance, mobility, balance, and lean muscle mass.

★  Reduced excess body fat, anxiety and oxidative stress.

★  Increased confidence, self-esteem and energy.

★  Overall feeling for role-modeling a healthy lifestyle.

Decide on the experience that aligns with your Healthy Living aspirations

All Experiences are designed with our foundational core values, for you to redefine your healthy living experience.




Begin your Healthy Living Experience with the 12-week Program. 


What's Included: 

★  Health Mentor: High level personalized & confidential mentoring from Estela.

★  Optimized Health Assessment: You get to provide information on your current health and overall Healthy Living goals and aspirations.

★  12 One-on-One Live Mentoring Sessions: Estela will meet with you weekly to ensure you gain a personalized experience.

★  Personalized Healthy Living Online Portal: An exclusive runway for ongoing support.      

★  4 Health & Exercise Prescription Programs: Designed with our five foundational core values.

Evaluation: Monthly and comprehensive evaluation to track progress and update your personalized program.

Price $1,599*                                                         *(payment is submitted in 3 phases of $533) 



Month to month mentoring.  

What's Included: 

★  One-on-One Mentoring Session: Estela will meet with you monthly to ensure you gain a personalized experience.

★  Health Mentor: High level personalized & confidential mentoring from Estela.

★  Personalized Healthy Living Online Portal: An exclusive runway for weekly check-ins.

★  1 Health & Exercise Prescription Program: Designed with our five foundational core values.

★  Evaluation: Monthly progress report to track progress and update your personalized program.

Price starting at: $349 

Lighting Up Experience 

Looking for a one time mentoring session? Look no further! A high level personalized, and confidential mentoring session with Estela is designed to answer your questions, provide expert guidance and ensure that you gain the inspiration, education and empowerment to Redefine your Healthy Living. 

What's Included: 

★  One-on-One Mentoring Session with Estela 


Price starting at  $125                     

What makes Salud Daily experiences different?  To date, exercise and health programs are institutionalized in a broad scale, as a one-time program focused on the aesthetics of the person’s body or solely on weight loss and not on the person's overall health and performance and the sustainability of the results.  We believe that it is time to begin personalizing the healthy living experiences and consider preventive medicine strategies within a broader scope of personalized care, evaluation, engagement, and sustainability. Just as premier medical decision-making should not be made without considering an individual’s physical condition and personal history, neither should exercise and health programs. 

Not only has Estela helped me change my life in regards to health and fitness, but she has also helped me realize how strong of a woman I am and that I should never settle for less than the best, fittest, properly nourished, and happiest version of myself!
— Madison Jacobs, Super Woman at Google & Yoga Instructor at CorePower Yoga, California.

Take Part in Providing Better Health