Radiate a better life through exercise.


 Exercise not only helps you live longer — it helps you live better. 

The prescription you have been waiting for.


To date, health and exercise programs are institutionalized in a broad scale, as a one-time program focused on the aesthetics of the person’s body and not on the person's overall physical, emotional and mental health and performance.

It is time to begin considering exercise and healthy living as a preventive and personalized medical decision strategy. 

Our Services

Our value-added services may include any or all of the following experiences and will be personalized to meet your needs while designing your experience with our five foundational core values in mind.

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What Is a Health Mentor?

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The Five Values

At the core of our founder's personal, educational, and career success is a set of five core values. Your Personalized Experiences is designed with these values and with extensive scientific research in mind. 

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Our Practice

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“ That’s it. I’m feeling great, my doctor is happy, and hopefully I can stay healthy for a sustained period of time.  I am serious...if  you would like a professional to help you take control of your health through a tailored approach that is unique to your situation, you should sign up! “
— Rich N., CEO. Phoenix, AZ
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