Acclaimed exercise physiologist and health mentor, Estela Barraza, lives in a timeless runway stage, as a Healthy & Active Role Model. Since childhood, Estela has delighted in the positive impact of being physically active and intentional with the foods she eats. She earned a Master of Science in Exercise and Wellness, and a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University. She, indeed is a proud Sun Devil!

She has been an integral founding member for health promotion and wellness programs in schools, corporate organizations, and of a scientific intervention focused on preventing type 2 diabetes in Latino youth.  She has been featured in MSNBC Latino, the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Fox News, and in popular blogs for women.

Estela has co-authored scientific journals, conducted an innovative thesis project focused on the effects of exercise on cognition and executive function skills, and worked with leading experts in the fields of health promotion, exercise physiology, biomechanics and program prescription, nutrition, neuroscience, psychology, disease prevention and leadership. She has an innovative and effective track record when consulting with all types of individuals and teams to improve their health, partners with the American Diabetes Association, and present at local and National events.

Estela takes inspiration from her education, personal and career experiences when intentionally designs and delivers personalized exercise and health promotion programs and experiences. These programs and experiences are custom-made for individuals or teams of different capacities.

As a lifelong champion of exercise and an enthusiast for health, with an educational and passion-driven approach, she practices what she preaches.  She challenges herself by running marathons, following a vegan nutrition regimen,  and creating successful projects.

Estela believes that participation in exercise and making healthier decisions should be an everyday habit because, it’s rooted in determining how we feel, our performance at work, our decisions we live by, and how we share our energy with others.

Salud Daily is the timeless healthy & active lifestyle that Estela role-models. It's about inspiring, educating and empowering others to be a role model and radiate a better life, by making everyday decisions that define and challenge yourself. It’s about being bold and discreet at the same time. Above all, it’s about focusing on making decisions that are personalized to your lifestyle, your well-being, your exercise and health goals and aspirations, and not worrying about what others expect you to be. That’s how you become a Healthy & Active Role Model that inspires and allow others to do the same in their own radiating way!